The hand holding the pen

Hello, friend! My name is Liz Powell and I am a Northern Virginia calligrapher specializing in custom wedding signs to guide your guests through your day, from ceremony to sendoff.

If you told me as a kid I would grow up to be an artist, I never would have believed you. But while studying graphic design in college, I discovered a love for creating. After graduation, I dabbled with personal projects like designing my own wedding invitations and painting decor for our apartment (not to mention wedding signs that would never make it into my portfolio today), but never made art for other people.

Flash forward to the end of 2017. All my friends were making big changes in their lives and I was standing still. I was itching for a change and decided to start a hobby. On a whim in January, I picked up hand lettering and challenged myself to post one lettering project every day for 6 months. Write Liz Write was born. It was an incredible bootcamp for my skills and creativity and when it was over, I knew this was more than a hobby. I was in love.

Now I make beautiful handwritten things to make your special moments feel like you, from the smallest touches like place cards to wedding jackets to big, bold signs.

Let’s create together.

Big picture guidance

I’ve been a bridesmaid six times and a bride once. I am no stranger to planning and executing weddings, and I can help you figure out what you’ll need so no aspect of your big day gets overlooked.

Down to the very last comma

I care about the details so you don’t have to. Not sure what you want your signs or artwork to say? My background is in marketing and copywriting, so I can help find the right words to get your message across.